Who is talking about AI and Libraries

  Moving On ... and fast from ChatGPT to Bing search with AI Search and Research - Librarian's Role in AI-enabled Search Do not want to get distracted by the questions of made-up information, cheating, or plagiarism.  My current focus is how to teach AI-enable search. Here are a few articles by University Librarians and Professors: Artificial Intelligence and the Research Paper: A Librarian’s Perspective – News ( Jonathan McMichael, Undergraduate Success Librarian Generative AI; Relevance to Librarians | Lucidea Lauren Hays, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at the University of Central Missouri. Is ChatGPT Closer to a Human Librarian Than It Is to Google? ( Chirag Shah, Professor of Information Science, University of Washington

An interview with ChatGPT

An interview with ChatGPT about AI in search engines and subsequent research instruction  ChatGPT. "AI Language Models in Search Engines." February 17, 2023. Online conversation.   HL:  Is ChatGPT a tool that librarians and English teachers can use or is it a threat? Chat OpenAI:   As an AI language model, ChatGPT can be a useful tool for librarians and English teachers to utilize in their work. Librarians may use ChatGPT to help answer research questions or assist patrons in finding resources, while English teachers may use it to help students practice writing or to generate prompts for creative writing exercises. However, as with any technology, there may be concerns around the appropriate use of ChatGPT and potential misuse, such as plagiarism or reliance on the tool instead of developing critical thinking skills. Ultimately, whether ChatGPT is a tool or a threat depends on how it is used and integrated into the work of librarians and English teachers. HL:  How will the in

School Librarian's Purpose KQ article

  My article for Knowledge Quest Journal of @aasl Sept/Oct 2022 - A School Librarian’s Purpose - A word of hope for current and future School Librarians, keep fighting the good fight because our children deserve school libraries staffed with school librarians @aasl_iss @ALALibrary — Hannah Byrd Little (@HannahLittle) October 7, 2022  

TASL Conference 2022

  “TASL Conference 2022” by @HannahLittle

Beyond This Crisis

  😷 ⚡️ “Beyond This Crisis” by @HannahLittle

What to keep from the Pandemic

  ⚡️ “What to keep from the Pandemic” by @HannahLittle

The COVID-19 article series

During the global pandemic, writing should have been an ideal task but I found that I had incredible writer's block.  Here are some articles documenting the time.  Avoiding Information Overload During COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Orders on 04/01/2020 Overcoming the abundance of beautiful and free information offers Beyond Video Conference Fatigue  - Craving In-Person Teaching and Learning Not the Disaster We Were Preparing For on 05/07/2020 We prepare for fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, but not a pandemic. Finding Collaborative Points from a Distance  on 06/08/2020 Turning learning on its head. Embedded 2020  on 08/03/2020 • Being an embedded librarian is not a new concept, but it has new meaning for me as a school librarian since the onset of distance learning and COVID-19. On the Eve of an Election  - Students will be bombarded this month by political ads and media commentary  Part 1: Polarization and Resistance to Fact-Checking Information  - What Is True? Another presidential elect