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Prove It! Putting together the evidence-based practice puzzle(Link)

Knowledge Quest Journal - American Association of School Librarians
January 2015  - Why is it important to prove that school libraries add value to the school program? Can the school library profession prove that school libraries are indispensable for a 21st-century education even though information is only a few clicks away? How can researchers and practitioners provide strong evidence to support their claims? What are the critical questions? Where is the evidence?

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  • Jobs of the Future

    How school librarians can prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist: What If? I often wish that I could see into the future so that I could prepare students for the next great thing. However, my MLIS degree did… Read More ›
  • School Library Archives

    school archives Webb tennis photo
    School archives are important and useful for many schools Information professionals everywhere are focusing on 21st-century skills. We are developing new uses for our library facilities like makerspaces and learning commons. It is not surprising that the idea of giving… Read More ›

  • Curation and Pathfinders

    The Back-to-School Goal and the Conversation That Ensued At my school, we are having a long overdue conversation about types of  library materials and the organization of library materials (print versus electronic… Dewey or Don’t we, etc.). This conversation began… Read More ›

  • ESSA Important to All Librarians

  • ALA Washington Office Executive Director Emily Sheketoff
    Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) #essalibraries This past week I attended ALA’s annual conference in Orlando.  If you have ever attended an annual conference, you know that the biggest dilemma you will face is choosing which sessions to attend.  When… Read More ›
  • Summer screen time conundrum

    Summer Reading
    Screen Time versus Reading Challenge students to abandon their screen this summer for one hour of reading every day. Who knows, they might not be able to put the book aside after just one hour! We are about to begin… Read More ›
  • Survey the Students

    Survey Graphic
    Why Survey Students: Maybe you administer a student survey every year, or maybe you have never surveyed your students. With all of the evaluation systems required by programs like “Race To the Top,” etc. and with every state setting different guidelines for librarian evaluation,… Read More ›