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Topics Include:
Library as the Third Space
Learning Commons concept
High School to College Transition
Capstone Projects 
Connecting with Social Media
Jobs of the Future

TAIS Biennial Conference November 2016

Writing papers and making presentations will be a regular activity for our students once they enter college.  As a college-preparatory school, we have an obligation to prepare students for academic writing and presentation.  The Webb School in Bell Buckle has a 145-year history of public performance curriculum with declamations and chapel talks.  This curriculum was enhanced in 2012 to include the public presentation of the senior capstone paper.  Workshop about the logistics and critical purpose of the Senior [capstone] project as a tool for college transition and college preparation in the independent school. Expanding the traditional "senior thesis" to include both background and primary research, and tips about what works for our student population.    
Audience:  Senior advisers, Librarians, Senior English

Logistics and Inspiration for a great senior presentation
February 2016

NAIS Trendbook 2015-16 [Chapter 9 - The Human Resources Outlook]
Co-present with Kay Young - Faculty Director at The Webb School
February 2016

Senior Class Field Studies - Webb History 
October 2014

Presentations for TAIS conference 
November 2012

Filling the knowledge gaps of the Digital NativesHow we can help Generation Z, born into our data-rich world, learn evaluation and discernment skills? There is the assumption that digital natives know more about how to learn with technology than non-digital natives. However, it is clear that some may have grabbed the calculator before learning to add. Yes, our students can Google search and chat on Facebook and their texting skills will enable...more
Only three months separate the High School senior from the college freshman. Are we fully preparing our students for the transition to college? Should we consider Common Core, in our planning? Should we consider practical considerations like time management and study skills?

 "Facebook Generation: Marketing the library to a socially networked society"
Spring 2008 - An ongoing series, sponsored by Bunch Library and the Office of Academic Outreach, that allows for communication and collaboration among area middle, high school, and academic librarians for the purpose of preparing students to transition to college. The focus is on information literacy. -  Hannah Little, Librarian, The Webb School -