The AASL Libraries in Public Charter Schools Task Force

The AASL Libraries in Public Charter Schools Task Force is looking for input to help them in their charge of reviewing the status of public charter schools in each state; review current status and role of libraries and school librarians in public charter schools in the United States; and recommending how AASL might advocate for libraries and school librarians within public charter schools. Thus, we are interested in hearing from individuals who have information about libraries in charter schools in their state. The Task Force is also specifically interested in hearing from librarians at charter schools for input on how AASL can best support them.


Regions Task-Force

(October 2017)
Objective: To explore options for redrawing TASL’s regions

Long-Range Planning Committee 

1. Investigates and provides the Executive Board and membership of TASL with data, information, and recommendations for new activities or procedural changes for the association.
2. On the basis of periodic surveys of the interests of the membership and of continuous study of the goals and objectives of the association, makes recommendations to the Executive Board of
activities and projects for TASL, and refers information to appropriate committees for study and possible action.
3. Undertakes specific projects at the request of the President and/or Executive Board.
4. Reviews and amends the five-year plan for the organization.