Research and the School Librarian 

Like the MBA and the MFA, the MLS/MLIS Masters of Library and Information Science for professional librarians is considered a terminal degree. And according to an article in Coursera, "Unlike a research-oriented terminal doctorate degree, terminal master's degrees typically prioritize real-world work."  This "real-world work" is at its peak in the day-to-day service of a school librarian. However, this leaves the industry at a distinct disadvantage because more librarians, especially school librarians, need to complete industry research to support the profession and the impact of teaching and supporting learning in a school library.

Sources of Research for School Librarians

According to the last ALA fact sheet, of the 166,164 librarians in the U.S., over ninety-two thousand are school librarians, which is more than academic and public librarians combined. Unfortunately, this data is derived from other sources like National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and needs to be updated.



National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) 

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