Senior Project crunch time

Tireless Work

Seniors are working on their Introduction and Background/ Lit Review over the weekend.

My Advice:

Write your paper with the presentation in mind.  
  • Think about the following questions:
    • How will you introduce the topic to the audience?  
    • How will you tell them about the research you have found?
Don't forget to introduce the source/s and cite throughout the paper
  • When to cite
    • a direct quote [also add quotation marks]
    • a paraphrase
    • ideas from your sources

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Writers block?? -

The paper Introduction and the Background-Literature Review [should be easy if you completed a well written annotated bib] 
  • The Introduction is 1 page double spaced.
  • The Background-Literature Review is 3 to 4 pages of research writing. This includes your sources cited at the end and throughout with parenthetical citations.
    • Think of the background section as the place where you identify and discuss the most important books, articles, or any other kind of source materials for your project. If you wanted to bring another student up to date on what you're doing, what would be the most important thing to read? A well written review will provide a sense of critical issues and debates which form the background for your own original work.

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