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The solution to declining reading scores in Tennessee. -- Alex - What is a librarian?

What is happening?

Despite gains in many other areas, students in Tennessee are showing decline in reading scores on standardized tests.

Declining Reading Scores

2015 TCAP scores

Why is this happening?

First, children are reading less, because according to studies, they are using their digital devices to watch videos, and play with apps and games.

Second, studies show that  children are reading less and less for pleasure.
71% (of parents surveyed) agreed that “I wish my child would do more things that did not involve screen time”

What a good librarian can do for you! 

 Encourage reading for pleasure.
 Most librarians I know read for pleasure . When you find an activity that is pleasurable it's often contagious ! Take your classes and take your kids to the library and meet with the librarian . He or she can encourage your student to read for pleasure.

 Provide Readers' Advisory.
 A great librarian can provide readers advisory, which is essentially -- finding a match for your student with books that he or she wants to read for pleasure.

Readers' advisory (sometimes spelled readers advisory or reader's advisory) is a service which involves suggesting fiction and nonfiction titles to a reader through direct or indirect means. This service is a fundamental library service; however, readers' advisory also occurs in commercial contexts such as bookstores. Currently, almost all North American public libraries offer some form of readers' advisory.  

 Provide reading solutions.
Students today need to learn how to read an electronic book. Unfortunately, tablets can often be a real distraction for kids who are suffering from technology addiction. So, a great solution to this problem are black-and-white eInk e-readers.  Encourage your library to adopt a E reader borrowing program.

What parents can do!

Alright now, we have to band together parents!
Put your child's devices away!   And I mean everything --- tablets, phones, and computers.  Why?  So that you can organize a specific time when kids and teens can just read . If you can afford to, invest in an E-reader that is a simple e-reader.

What else ... Read with your child!   When my kids were younger, I read a picture book every single night.  As they got older I read chapter books, a chapter each night . Now my teens probably read faster than I do, and they get impatient with my pace, so we turn it into a competition.  We decide on the novel that we are going to read and we try to keep up with one another so we can discuss the book throughout.


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