Dog Days of Summer Reading

The phrase "dog days of summer"
Describes when Canis Major is highest in the sky
July 3 to Aug. 11

It is hot in Tennessee!

 The next two days the weatherperson has called for 105 heat index and actual temperatures right at 100 degrees . Due to the high temperatures my family and I are in the house with the blinds closed in the air-conditioning. Thank goodness for air conditioning! And thank goodness for a good book!

 Here are a few reading lists for this summer . 

Nancy Pearl recommends -

 Bill Gates idea of the summer reading list -

Oprah's list - 

Webb Faculty Reads   

Teaching as a Subversive Activity

 Inquiry and Innovation

 I Read It, but I Don't Get It

 In Defense of a Liberal Education

 End of Education

 Dumbing Us Down


 The Gentle Scholar


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