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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What is your research personality?

So let's begin with the most familiar

Mrs Little's personality is ENFP

Her research style is "the sky's the limit!"  She would prefer no syllabus at all.  This gives her the freedom to "knock it out of the park!"  For her, the fun is in exploring all kinds of information.  Research is an exciting journey not a destination.

So what is your "research personality?"

 You can visit to take a free personality test.
 After you find out your personality type then you can move over to the page that describes your personality type in depth.  Under 'explore your type', you will want to click on 'strengths and weaknesses' and then 'workplace habits.'  This will give you a really good idea about how you work with research and information.

How Your Personality influences your research  

Personality Strengths
Because …
Patient and determined researcher
You don’t give up on your research goals
Creative and Practical researcher
You know how to prioritize research
Imaginative and Observant researcher
You see research in everyday activities
Imaginative and curious researcher
Your curiosity fuels your ‘dig for info’
Inspiring and Convincing, insightful researcher
You can find inspiration through research
Very Creative and Hard Working  researcher
To you research is an ‘art form’
 Quick, Imaginative and Strategic researcher
Your brain is always planning
 Analysts and Abstract Thinkers
You can think outside the box / book
 Bold, but Rational and Practical  researcher
You can handle controversial research
 Enjoy Creating Order, and Excellent Organizers
You can compare /contrast with objectivity
 Bold and Original  researcher
Great at conducting your own research
 Excellent networking  researcher
Your research is often social
 Curious and observant, excellent communicators
You dig for information & translate   research
 Charismatic, reliable  researcher
You can share research in an exciting way
 Quick thinkers, excellent brainstormers
You are great at choosing the right topic
 Efficient, energetic, strategic researcher
You Don’t waste time, & have a clear plan