Thursday, September 29, 2016

Webb Family of Educators

Three Webb Schools and the family connection

Many don't realize the family connection between the three Webb schools.  Though we are not corporately connected we have a rich shared family history.  "The Webbs defy all the accepted laws of pedagogy, but their boys were the best prepared that we got."- Woodrow Wilson [as President of Princeton Univ]

The Webb School of Bell Buckle 
Founded in 1870

Founders were brothersWilliam [Sawney] R. Webb and John Webb
Sawney's son William [Son Will] R. Webb Jr. was the second generation of Webb leadership on the Bell Buckle campus.
Notable Alumni
For more on the founders:

  • "The School Maker" by Laurence McMillin
  • "The Gentle Scholar" by Terry Barkley
  • "Education: The Webbs of Bell Buckle" Time Magazine Sept 16, 1946

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The Webb Schools of Claremont, California
Founded in 1922
Founders Thompson and Vivian Webb [Sawney's son and daughter-in-law]
Notable Alumni
For more on the founders:
 "Thompson Webb: The Years at the Webb School 1922-1975" compiled by Thompson Webb, Jr. and Thompson Webb III

The Webb School of Knoxville, TN
Founded in 1955
Founder Robert [Bob] and Julie Webb  [Sawney's grandson and grand daughter-in-law]
Notable Alumni
For more on the founders:
 "A Splendid Instinct" by Jack Neely

Family Tree

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Family and Representatives from the three Webb Schools in 2014

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Physical and Virtual Curation

Here are some of the things we are doing online and offline in order to curate information for students and teachers. 

Collection Arrangement 

We are pulling together fiction, non-fiction, graphic fiction, and biographies for American authors.

We are making the Library user-friendly, and encouraging independence by having easy-access, self-service areas.
We added Library of Congress to our signage to introduce students to different classification systems 
We are keeping Dewey but adding a clear blue cover to help students find American Lit and help with shelving the books

We used our giant Poe poster to identify American Lit

QR codes are added for eBooks and LibGuides

Shakespeare has his own Dewey, but we made a prominent place for the Bard in our Library.

Fun Facts:
The Webb Connection

William Shakespeare was related to our founders Sawney and John Webb

1st cousin 9x removed     

Shakespeare’s Grandmother 
Mary Webb  was the founders' 9th great grandmother 

Shakespeare’s Mother 
Mary Arden  the founders' 8th great grand aunt 

Webb / Shakespeare Connection
Bust of Shakespeare to Identify the section

Graphic Versions of the Shakespeare Plays


 For research projects, we are creating both displays and online "pathfinders" with LibGuides.


Book Finders

 Some teachers prefer hardcopy books and we have made "book finders" with Lib Guides