Webb Family of Educators

Three Webb Schools and the family connection

Many don't realize the family connection between the three Webb schools.  Though we are not corporately connected we have a rich shared family history.  "The Webbs defy all the accepted laws of pedagogy, but their boys were the best prepared that we got."- Woodrow Wilson [as President of Princeton Univ]

The Webb School of Bell Buckle 
Founded in 1870

Founders were brothersWilliam [Sawney] R. Webb and John Webb
Sawney's son William [Son Will] R. Webb Jr. was the second generation of Webb leadership on the Bell Buckle campus.
Notable Alumni
For more on the founders:

  • "The School Maker" by Laurence McMillin
  • "The Gentle Scholar" by Terry Barkley
  • "Education: The Webbs of Bell Buckle" Time Magazine Sept 16, 1946

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The Webb Schools of Claremont, California
Founded in 1922
Founders Thompson and Vivian Webb [Sawney's son and daughter-in-law]
Notable Alumni
For more on the founders:
 "Thompson Webb: The Years at the Webb School 1922-1975" compiled by Thompson Webb, Jr. and Thompson Webb III

The Webb School of Knoxville, TN
Founded in 1955
Founder Robert [Bob] and Julie Webb  [Sawney's grandson and grand daughter-in-law]
Notable Alumni
For more on the founders:
 "A Splendid Instinct" by Jack Neely

Family Tree

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Family and Representatives from the three Webb Schools in 2014

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