The High School to College Transition

Young Alums panel - speak to college transition
Three short months is all that separates a high school senior from a college freshman.  Are we preparing our students for college, career and life?  I am the Library director and the lead Senior class advisor at my college preparatory, independent school.  In conjunction with our alumni office, we just finished a three-day conference for high school seniors to prepare them for the college transition.  

Helpful Articles:

The expert in high school to college transition is Harlan Cohen author of "The Naked Roommate"

Five Helpful Titles for Selecting a College by Lilian Calix, Hamilton Grange Library

Why college freshmen need to take Emotions 101 By Valerie Strauss

The personal touch in a digital world By Meredith Farkas

For the parents
The College Transition: How to Parent When Your Child Leaves Home Rachel Simmons 

We also have a senior capstone project to introduce college-level research.  To fully prepare students, we require primary research for the capstone project.  Additionally, each paper is presented to the student body in the Spring semester.

The topics look very interesting this year.  
A few that are particularly intriguing - 

  • Rehabilitation programs available in prison.  
  • Book to Movie - why people feel betrayed when a movie doesn't capture the book
  • Soccer Players and their Retirement

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