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Accurate Scholars

The first big assignment for the Senior Project is due next Tuesday.

Minimum of 8 annotated citations due Tuesday, November 18, 2014. 
Sources should be: scholarly articles from a database, Internet sites like .edu, .gov, or from a professional association.  Do not cite Wikipedia as one of your 8 sources [you are welcome to scroll to the bottom and borrow the Wikipedia sources if those are scholarly]

How to write your annotation:

  • Summation of the source [focus on what is unique about the source]
  • A brief evaluation statement(s) [is this a "scholarly" source or not]
  • How the work is relevant to your research [How, specifically, do you intend to use the source (e.g. as evidence to support a claim, as a counter-argument, etc.)]

  • Research Databases

     Please Use Easy Bib -  

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