Updated Library Scavenger Hunt

Challenge NO ... Opportunity

Today, we had an activity in the library classroom, and I was displaced along with a group of 25 sixth-graders.  Have you ever tried to keep a group of 25 sixth-graders engaged and some what "quiet" for 90 minutes?  Well we updated our library scavenger hunt to include technology that our young ones are very comfortable with and I think they learned quite a bit.  They worked in pairs and since we are a BYOD school, we incorporated phones and tablets to take digital photos.

Here is a link to the Scavenger Hunt

Here are some photos of the activities
Find the magazine section and look through one magazine –
Write the name of it here: ________________________
Take a picture of the magazine section

Find a dictionary and look up the word quintessence
Take a picture of the word in the dictionary

 Look up a book by "AUTHOR" in the computer
Click details and Take a picture of the computer catalog 
Write the call numbers here______________________

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