145 Years

Preservation of historical records of the South's oldest continuously operating boarding school.

Our school is just five years away from its Sesquicentennial!
We are so happy to welcome representatives from the TSLA and Secretary of State Tre Hargett.  They are stopping by to present a grant to assist with the preservation, processing and storage of historical records.  The $2,000 local archives development grant will fund archival supplies and equipment.

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I try to believe the stories, but the librarian in me insists that I verify the oral history with documentation.  The story goes ... The Webb School Honor Code directly influences the Princeton Honor Code

So, I found this quote in a 2003 Princeton University Library Chronicle article -

"Finally, in the autumn of 1892, at least two undergraduates from a small preparatory school, the Webb School in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, began to build the movement that the Princetonian had called for. Charles Ottley (Class of 1893) and James Brodnax (Class of 1894) had lived under an honor code established by the school’s founder, Sawney Webb "(Tenner, 2003)

Then spotted these two in the 1889 role book here at Webb

  • Charles Ottley – Webb 1889, Princeton 1893 
  • James “Mac” Brodnax – Webb 1889, Princeton 1894
The Webb School Honor Code
The Princeton University Honor Code

Tenner, Edward. “The Honor Code through Wilson’s spectacles” Princeton University Library Chronicle 64:3 (Spring 2003), 425-44.
Reeder , M. (2003). Honor system - Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library Princeton University. Retrieved from http://www.princeton.edu/mudd/news/faq/topics/honor_code.shtml

We also found in the archives at Webb, valuable biographical, and photographic documents for at least Charles Ottley, who unfortunately died at a very young age.

Therefore, it seems we do have claim to influence at Princeton.

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