Journalistic questioning

One of my favorite reading/research strategies to teach students is the journalistic questioning method.  I discovered a worksheet years ago on the Read Write Think website that I still use today.  The "Gist" worksheet allows students to make notes on a book or article, then they put the original source away and write from their notes.  This also helps students avoid plagiarism.

The strategy includes the 5Ws and H
Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

The Gist -
Investigate the Three Little Pigs -
Blog post about creating your own questions

Paper Kick Start Questions for Seniors
  • WHAT  - What is my paper about?  What are the key points?
  • WHY- Why am I writing about this? Why should anyone care?
  • WHO - Who are the researchers in the field?  Who am I writing about? 
  • WHERE - Where does the research take place?  Is there a prominent location in the research?
  • WHEN - When does the research take place?  What dates are significant?
  • HOW - How was the research conducted

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