Primary Research for the Senior Project

The Next Step in the Senior Project

Research Methodology [Primary Research - Survey, Interview, Test, Experiment, Case Study, Contrast/Comparison, Project Journal, Internship]

Findings/Data/Results  [explanation of results includes the use of Tables, Photos, and Maps]

Ideas for Primary Research

  • Following Twitter Feeds or Blogs - journaling your impressions
  • Starting a Twitter Feed or blog about your topic
  • Keeping a research journal
  • Interview an Expert/Professional face to face, Skype, OR via email
  • Survey a group
  • Statistical survey
  • Video Journal an experience
  • Experiment
  • Contrast/Comparison
  • Internship
  • Shadow an expert [in person or online]
  • Questionnaires

3 examples of primary research from last year:

  • Student to conducted primary research by interviewing NCAA officials and coaches through e-mail
  • Student found research about how visuals in advertising provoked a neurological response. She conducted an experiment with a sample of students, using product art with textual clues removed. 
  • Student researched the overall response to and feasibility of e-texts. He surveyed parents, students, and faculty about this change. He also conducted interviews with people at similar schools about their move to electronic textbooks. 

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