Teen Tech Week


Our Juniors finished up their Junior Performances this week and these are all about "making".
Our juniors created performances and creations of everything from films, furniture, to fiddle playing.  This is one step in our "Emerging Voices" program.  

The next step is the Senior Research Presentations.  With the Junior Project, they began to explore their passions and creativity.  We like them to continue this work by contemplating the question “On whose shoulders are you standing?”  Although it is important to create works of your own, it is equally important to realize and research the works of others.  Even Isaac Newton acknowledged "if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

Seniors research the works of others and then create their own quantitative and qualitative research.
They write about how they conducted their research - Methodology [Primary Research - Survey, Interview, Test, Experiment, Case Study, Contrast/Comparison, Project Journal, Internship] 
And they write about the results of the research - Findings/Data/Results  [explanation of results includes the use of Tables, Photos, and Maps]  

Examples of  Primary Research
  • Following Twitter Feeds or Blogs - journaling your impressions
  • Starting a Twitter Feed or blog about your topic
  • Keeping a research journal
  • Interview an Expert/Professional face to face, Skype, OR via email
  • Survey a group
  • Statistical survey
  • Video Journal an experience
  • Experiment
  • Contrast/Comparison two or more existing studies
  • Internship
  • Shadow an Expert [in person or online]
  • Questionnaires

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