Oh, This book is a Prize!

A Book as a Gift, Award or Prize

Last year one of our author visits was with Rūta Šepetys, author of Between the Shades of Gray and Out of the Easy.  I was at end of the book signing line, and I asked her to sign the book with just a signature because I was going to give the book away as a prize.  She said "Oh, this book is a prize!"  As librarians we cherish a book signed by the author, but I have learned that my students cherish these books as well.  

Book Awards

Each year instead of trophies our school awards books to those with top grades.  I work with teachers to find just the right book for our award winners.  It is always nice to see a student treasure the book that he or she receives.  This year the student with the top psychology grades cheered when she received the DSM-V and another student with an interest in stock trading beamed when he received books on this topic.

Senior Bibles

We also have a long-standing tradition of presenting students with Holy Books upon Graduation in lieu of standard diplomas.  The school's founder was Methodist and historically he presented students with a Bible which was a cherished gift.  The student body today is quite diverse and students receive the traditional King James Bible, Catholic Bible, Torah, Qurʾan, or a fine philosophy book if the student prefers not to have a Holy Book.  As you can see in the pictures below, the Books are still a cherished gift and students treat these as a prize!

Photos taken by myself and Webb communications staff - Rita Mitchell and Gayle McClanahan



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