What are we working on this week?

Mr. Chicken's World History

This week, the World History classes visited the library to look at books.  We have a reserve shelf for the project but on the visit students learned how to look-up a book in the catalog and how to find the physical shelf location.  This project is about A History of the World in 100 Objects.

We also used the BBC site for reference.  Students also learned about the e-books we have available in the GALE Virtual Reference Library.

The Senior Project - Annotated Bibliography

Due November 17 - to be shared with adviser and lead adviser for feedback via Google Drive.  Use Easy Bib or MLA 7th citations pasted from databases to make citations for the annotated bibliography


Find 8-10 resources for your Senior Project - can include scholarly journals, e-books, trade publications, .gov or .edu websites, official trade organizations like APA or NSTA, and statistical research like Pew Research or Berkman Center

The annotations should be at least three sentences long / Each entry should include the following elements [sentences]:
  • Summation of the source [focus on what is unique about the source]
  • A brief evaluation statement(s) [is this a "scholarly" source or not]
  • How the work is relevant to your research [How, specifically, do you intend to use the source (e.g. as evidence to support a claim, as a counter-argument, etc.)]

For more advice about annotated bibliographies - Purdue first-year English


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