Are final exams truly college preparatory?

"the way of the dodo" - 

A number of articles were published between 2010 - 2012 explaining that the percentage of college final exams given at the nations top universities was dwindling.
"reversing the default procedure for scheduling examinations reflects a pedagogical reality.  It appears that finals are going the way of the dodo. Harris [Harvard dean] told the faculty that of 1,137 undergraduate-level courses this spring term, 259 scheduled finals  --- For the more than 500 graduate-level courses offered, just 14 had finals" -  Bye-bye, Blue Books
Many college preparatory schools still cling to traditional final exam schedules that mimic the "disappearing" university model.  So my question is - Are we truly preparing students for college by strictly giving exams?  Do we need to shift to more authentic assessment in the same way universities have shifted their practices?

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