Ms. Little's absolutely NOT mandatory summertime reading list

Here are some books I want to read for FUN this summer 

Children of Exile by Margaret Peterson Haddix

What's it about: This is a science fiction novel that is about Fredtown "a happy, safe place to grow up."  The protagonist, Rosi, is suddenly moved from Fredtown to her new town the adults are calling home.  But "home" is not what she expected.

Why I want to read this: First because the author is Margaret Peterson Haddix.  Second, because I have a daughter transitioning from high school to college and I think this story will help me with empathy.

Refugee by Alan Gratz [available July 25, 2017]

What's it about: This story follows three children a Jewish boy living in 1930s Nazi Germany,  a Cuban girl in 1994 and a Syrian boy in 2015.  All three are refugees.  This promises to be an action-packed read about escape and survival.

Why I want to read this: Why, because I love survival fiction.  I also really like this author! I can tell he puts a lot of work into his writing. [It always helps to meet the author.]

The Gender Game  by Bella Forrest

What's it about: This one is about a world that is divided by gender where the Women rule the East and the Men rule the West.

Why I want to read this: Mainly because I have not read any self-published authors.  Also, the premise of a specific gender ruling intrigues me. We will see ... this one is 416 pages.

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So now the question is  - What are you reading this summer?

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