The SLJ Leadership Summit

Memorable Moments From the Summit

Patricia Stockland [ Publisher at Capstone.]

"No better troublemaker than a Librarian" 

George Takei 

Oh my! "librarians gave me great help.  They are  Keepers and Dispensers of knowledge. I am grateful to librarians"

George Takei speaks about the American Internment Camps

After the war, President Harry Truman told the much-decorated, all-Japanese 442nd Regimental Team: “You fought not only the enemy, but you fought prejudice—and you have won.”  
People created our democracy, people have also caused some of our greatest tragedies - "my father  who suffered the most taught me the most about democracy" 
Let's correct our grammar these were not "Japanese Internment Camps"  that would be in Japan These were American Internment Camps. 

Melissa Falkowski and Eric Garner

Two teachers from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas HS are still visibly affected by the grief of the tragedy at their school  "It was  Valentine's Day" they speak about empowering their students for Journalism, Debate, ...

This is not your new normal your new normal comes later

Michelle Luhtala and Jacquelyn Whiting

Regarding confirmation bias - interesting experiment feeling versus thinking - "know your bias, bias is a human thing"

Pew Research - latest social media data

Check out Tom Bober teaching with primary resources - 

Certifiably Sustainable: School Librarians Lead Out Loud! My graduate program had a course that covered the core values of librarianship. ... "the why" via


A Woke Book must - Challenge social norm, give voice to the voiceless, info for a disenfranchised group, seek to challenge the status quo, have a protagonist from underrepresented or oppressed group

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