Library Spaces

 📚✨ Library Spaces ✨📚

Friday at the ALA annual conference, I had the incredible opportunity to explore the enchanting world of library spaces. 🏫🔍 Starting off the day with the Independent Schools Section, Thanks to the Librarians and Library workers of La Jolla Country Day, The Bishop’s School, and The Gillispie School libraries. Each one had its own charm and offered a haven for school library patrons.

But it was the powerful keynote speech by the brilliant Trevor Noah that truly resonated with me. He fondly recalled a library space from his childhood that was not just a physical building but a gateway to endless possibilities. 🌌✨ It was a quiet, well-kept space where he found solace and a helpful guide who pointed him in different directions. The library didn’t just provide a physical space “library is like the magic behind that power. It imbues space with an energy that I will never take for granted” 📚💫

And then, there was the mesmerizing tale shared by the acclaimed poet and cultural critic Hanif Abdurraqib. He took us back to his childhood library, the Columbus Metropolitan Library, where he would lay in a spaceship-like pod, escaping into different worlds through the pages of books. 🚀📖 It was a sanctuary where his imagination soared and where the boundaries of reality blurred.

These stories remind me of the magic behind library spaces. They are not just walls filled with books but portals to new dimensions, where dreams take flight and minds come alive. They are spaces that nourish our souls and ignite our curiosity. Let’s cherish and celebrate the power of libraries and the incredible spaces they offer. 


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